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Is this an ancient Anatolian Celtic crown?

Turkish Zarf & Russian Podstakannik

A Turkish zarf is a holder, usually of ornamental metal, for a coffee cup without a handle. Coffee was served in small cups without handles, which were placed in holders known as zarf to protect the cup and also the fingers of the drinker from the hot fluid in Ottoman times. Cups were typically made of porcelain. However since it was the holder that was more visible, it was typically more heavily ornamented.

A Russian podstakannik is a tea glass holder, most commonly made of metal with a handle. It is a traditional way of serving and drinking tea in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Antique Ottoman prayer beads with gold coins

Antique Ottoman prayer beads with gold coins. The coins dated 1223 and 1255, years 1808 and 1839.

Antique Ottoman bag of gold coins

Photograph of excellent antique Ottoman bag for holding gold or silver coins, embroided with gold and silk thread at the very beginning of twentieth century.