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Anadolu Kavagi & the Genoese Castle

After a great cruise on the Bosphorus of Istanbul, the ferry takes us to Anadolu Kavagi, to the north, near by the Black Sea, where we see the wonderful view of the castle called Genoese Castle, due to Genoa’s possession of it in the mid fifteenth century. It is also called Yoros Castle or Yoros Kiseli.

Anadolu Kavagi is a small fishing village on Macar Bay, and the entire area is referred to as Anadolu Kavağı. This section is one of the narrowest stretches of the Bosporus, and on the opposite shore sits an area called Rumeli Kavağı, which formerly held a fortification similar to Yoros Castle.

We land at the Anadolu Kavagi Pier. We found many fish retaurants and ice cream shops. After eating a delicious lunch we climb the hill of Genoese Castle a bit trekking. The view is breathtaking. And the wine in my backpack is delicious with the view and some old turkish cheese.

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