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Black Sea Bagpipe Music & Hora Dancing @ Kadikoy Pier

Istanbul is always surprising. We returned to Kadikoy pier at the night. And we met these guys playing traditional bagpipe called tulum of Black Sea, singing old sailors' and fishermen's songs, and hora dancing, called horon.

It is fantastic to view and photograph Istanbul sunset, and take a dinner at Kadikoy Pier in the evening. I strongly recommend delicious Turkish wines to toast for beautiful sunset over Istanbul. You should taste Kavaklidere's, red Yakut or white Cankaya with old Turkish cheese kashar. Or you can try fish and bread at very cheap prices. You can take great photos near the lighthouse at the end of the jetty to the south of the pier, where you can see many photographers with their fancy digital and SLR cameras on tripods taking pictures of Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace at sunset.

Are bagpipes heritage of Celtic ancestors of Galatians in Anatolia in ancient times? Who knows...

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